I shot this video during Time’s Up’s recent “Back In the New York Groove” dance ride with a Canon EOS 5D Mark III, a camera known for it’s cinematic image quality. In manual focus mode, with all the necessary lense focusing, it’s not great for motion, but the richness of the resulting image, even in low-light, is worth a bit of blurring here and there. The Mark III is heavier and bulkier than other cameras I’ve used but handled easily enough to shoot while biking. Shooting on a bike at night on the streets of New York is basically a trial-by-fire situation for both camera and shooter but the Mark III came through with flying colors and I survived to deliver the resulting footage. The ride began in Tompkins Square Park and ended at the East River Bandshell. I’m surprised by how well the 5D often maligned interior mic captured street sounds as well as the sound bike’s brilliant mix of early Hip Hop, No-Wave and dance music from a time when the neighborhood was known as Alphabet City and I would as soon have strolled through it wearing Crizal’s and a dookie chain as biked through it with a $4,000 camera hanging from my neck.

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